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    English English…how important are you?

    And that’s what happened! Three years later the perfect time to do this experience arrived. It was the end of September 2016, exactly one year ago. Six months after my graduation day, after six months travelling around Europe. Finding a job was really hard and I had spent the whole summer sending Cvs everywhere, but there was nothing to do. And I really really wanted to keep on travelling, at least for some more months. As I hadn’t gone in Erasmus the year before because I had to work, I absolutely had to go abroad and have a similar experience. So I created a new AuPairWorld account – because you…

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    That’s strange!

    I swear: I didn’t know anything about this kind of experience. Well, I had some schoolmates who had gone to Ireland or in Canada for example with the purpose of improving their English and maybe they stayed in a family as well, but those were completely different experiences. They paid for them, or better their parents. And they had an association organizing the English course, finding an host family and so on…But my parents couldn’t pay for me: I had to do it on my own. As I was really young and at that moment I hadn’t have any experiences alone, I didn’t want to run any risk. But this…

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    First steps in the AuPair world

    Hi, I’m back here again! Today I’d like to tell you something more about what I’d like to do on my blog: as I’ve already mentioned I’m gonna try to write articles in my own language, Italian, but in English as well. But while I’m writing more about my travels in my Italian section, I was thinking to dedicate the English section of my blog to tell you something more about my Aupair experience first and then I’ll also start writing about my adventures in English as well. I’ll do this because I think it makes more sense: I mean, I’m in London, I’m here to improve the language and…

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