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Welcome to our family!

About this time of the night, a year ago, today, I was leaving for what later turned out to be absolutely the most important experience of my life.

I perfectly remember that morning when I was on the beach, in Albissola, my beloved home, eating my last focaccia (the tastiest food of my region, Liguria) before leaving, looking at the sea, for the last time in a while. And that evening, at Nice airport, when, just said goodbye to my mum and my friends and stopped crying, I was finally alone, sitting in front of the gate. Waiting. My flight was about one hour and half delayed.

I was oddly extremely relaxed.

When I landed in London my host family was there, right off the arrivals hall, waiting for me to come. They gave me a very warm welcome, even if it was like 2 in the morning.

And when I opened the door of my room I got another one, finding these drawings on my bed. They were so sweet, although my name was actually wrong (and they continued calling me ‘Yelenia’ for weeks).

It was the start of a great adventure!

I could write a poem about the thousands of things I learned, the myriad of beautiful things I saw, all the wonderful people I met, but the truth is that there’s no need.

The purpose of this post is just to push everyone is thinking to work as Au Pair to go, go and do this amazing experience. If you are not sure just try, you have nothing to loose. It can just be better than what you expected!

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