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That’s strange!

I swear: I didn’t know anything about this kind of experience. Well, I had some schoolmates who had gone to Ireland or in Canada for example with the purpose of improving their English and maybe they stayed in a family as well, but those were completely different experiences. They paid for them, or better their parents. And they had an association organizing the English course, finding an host family and so on…But my parents couldn’t pay for me: I had to do it on my own.

As I was really young and at that moment I hadn’t have any experiences alone, I didn’t want to run any risk. But this strange thing – yes, really strange – that they called “Aupairing” – seemed to be cool! And I was getting really curious about it.

But so why so strange to me? Well, for people like my parents it would be impossible to do something like this: they don’t want to have too many people at home so often, even my friends or our relatives, they need their spaces, their privacy in a few words. So at first I was a little bit skeptical…because you know, in this case it wouldn’t just be a matter of a few days or maybe two weeks, but in the majority of cases of months!

But I wanted to know something more. So I had started reading a lot of articles, blogs, forums and I had created a profile on AuPairWorld, the best website to find a family – it was written in almost all those articles I had read (and I recommend it!).

In the meanwhile I had also discovered on Facebook that there were Aupairs in my region as well! I had joined a group to find some new friends to talk to in German and started chatting with a really nice German girl, au pairing in Genoa. She wasn’t so happy about her host family, but she told me that in general it was a great opportunity. And also my aunt, who was not so young anymore, had told me that some of her schoolmates had did something like this when they were still going to school or university…so in the ’70s! I was really surprised. How could I know absolutely nothing about that?

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