Are you Au Pair in London? Have you just arrived and you want to discover this amazing city? Or you’ve been here for a while, but you haven’t had the chance yet to take amazing Instagram photos? Then this article is for you: come and discover the city with me! But first, let me tell you something about me… Hi and welcome to this page! My name is Ylenia. I come from Italy, but I’ve been travelling the world in the last few years, visiting amazing countries like Thailand and Vietnam and working as tour guide in the wonderful Islands of Seychelles for months, but now…I’m back in town! I’ve…

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    Welcome to our family!

    About this time of the night, a year ago, today, I was leaving for what later turned out to be absolutely the most important experience of my life. I perfectly remember that morning when I was on the beach, in Albissola, my beloved home, eating my last focaccia (the tastiest food of my region, Liguria) before leaving, looking at the sea, for the last time in a while. And that evening, at Nice airport, when, just said goodbye to my mum and my friends and stopped crying, I was finally alone, sitting in front of the gate. Waiting. My flight was about one hour and half delayed. I was oddly…

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    What is an “Au Pair”?

    My Aupairworld profile was really really basic. I didn’t have any pictures of me, only a few information, because I just wanted to browse to gain more knowledge about other Aupairs’ experiences, nevertheless several families wrote me. So I started chatting with a couple of families from Germany – because it’s in Germany that I wanted to go initially – and I had seriously begun thinking of doing this kind of experience for real. I mean, my classes at University ended on the last days of May, exams probably in the end of June that year, so basically I was free in July and August and then, in September I…

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