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Proud of me!

Great news: I passed the exam!

It’s already three months that I came back home after my Au Pair experience in London, it’s really incredible how fast time flies. It seems to me yesterday that I was having dinner – the last dinner – with my host family and I was crying because I was leaving in some hours! I was about leaving my girls overall, so sad. It was July and now we’re in October, that’s crazy. And I haven’t been speaking in English for quite a long time already, so that’s why I decided that I have to start again.

I always studied languages in my life, first at Secondary School, then at University, but, as I always said, my level wasn’t really getting higher because, you know, studying literature on a book is a thing, speaking for work is completely another story.

So that’s way, after my graduation, I decided to leave and keep on studying the English language in London and practice it, overall.

I spent eight months speaking in English every single day because it was the only language to communicate with my host family and, in the end, I realized I had improved it. I use the words “in the end” because, I don’t know…after two months living in London and speaking in English every day, I remember I wasn’t so satisfied about my progress. My level, of course, wasn’t so bad, I had a degree in English, but I wasn’t so fluent when I spoke and I thought there was something strange. But I think it was just because I am that kind of person who wants that everything is like perfect and the level very very high. Maybe it’s because foreign languages are my passion, so that’s why I was so pretentious.

Anyway. I was saying that I have to keep on practicing, I don’t want to ruin everything. Studying the languages is a continuous exercise: if you stop you loose everything you’ve done before. And this is the thing I was worried about: deleting all the hard job I’ve done in the last months from my mind, being like not able to speak fluently anymore after some months again in my country. But two days ago I had the chance to speak quite a lot in English with a person at work and I saw that I managed to speak very well. So proud of me!

And then yesterday. Yesterday I received a letter from the Trinity College of London: in it there was a certificate which confirmed me that I passed my English exam! This is the sign that I have to keep on following this road, to do another experience like this because I can now see the results. Maybe I’ll work as Au Pair again, maybe I have to find a project, a job, but the important thing is that it’ll be abroad.

Trinity College London certificate

What I want to say it’s that we have to work hard, not to stop at the first difficulties, because if you work hard you’ll be awarded, exactly like me!

Attending a course in Ireland or UK it’s the best way to really improve your English and being an Au Pair, so living with an Host family, it’s a really good opportunity to practice every single day. I really recommend an experience like this at least one time in your life and don’t worry if your English level is not so high, it’s gonna be better soon!

Now I have to skype with a friend because, as I’m sure you’ve already understood, the word of the week is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE and I want to speak in English this evening. So see you soon guys! 😉

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