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Life is so strange!

Finally back in London

Hey guys, I’m finally writing from the hall of my hostel in London! I’m so happy to be here again 🙂

I came yesterday evening after two days spent in Milan where I went to the BIT for the first time, an important tourism fair where I met a lot of other bloggers. It has been so funny!

As I told you in my previous post, in these days I’ve been staying in this hostel because I was supposed to look for a room where to move to from the beginning of March. Instead…

Instead, instead, instead…last week I got a phone call and then an email…and then a job interview.

I went to Milan for this interview on Tuesday, which went very well, and after that I’ve been offered a job that it was hard not to accept.

A job in the tourism field and I didn’t apply for it. Incredible, isn’t it?

So should I be happy? Think so. That can be such a great opportunity, finally something that I would like. But I’m sure that you’re not thinking I am sooo happy.

The thing is just that I was already organized, sure to come back here because I really wanted to. It was not just for work reasons. In these hours I’m realizing that I really really wanted to spend some more time in this amazing city, a city that I love so much and that it’s like home for me.

I feel a strange mix of different emotions right now. Walking through the streets this morning I was sad, almost about to cry. Instead of being happy to be here!

But the truth is that I am. I incredibly am and I’d like to stay longer.

But I couldn’t refuse that job. So that’s why I bought a return ticket to Genoa and I’m gonna go back home in a couple of days.

Everything is gonna change soon. I had a plan, but I can’t follow it for the moment: London has to wait.

I’m now heading to a big change, the biggest change in my life for now and it was totally unplanned. Soon I’ll leave for a place which is far from home, over my horizons. Yes, because this job is not in my home town, not in Milan, not in London…not in Europe.

I don’t really want to reveal everything about this new experience for now, so I’m not gonna tell you where I’ll go 😉

First I have to get used to the idea, because I am definitely not ready for it.

Now I just want to try to enjoy my time here, going out for dinner.

Soon some more details, maybe with a little bit more of conviction 😉

Stay tuned!

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