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23.02.2018, Savona, Italy

Back home and seriously started thinking about my departure. Because as I told you I accepted that job so…I’m leaving.

Yes, leaving.


Ok, I’m still not so sure about it, but anyway…it’ll be an experience! We can’t know if positive or negative now, but it’ll be a life experince for sure. And I ‘ve always loved life experiences, so where’s the problem!? I can also write it on my CV, think that I had the chance to live in an amazing place for some months…

While trying to convince myself that this is the right decision and to find all the possible good reasons to leave, this week I’m doing some medical tests required by the organization I’ll work for and if everything will be ok I just have to send them the results and wait. Wait for an email telling me WHEN I have to leave.

OMG, guys. It’s everything sooo strange! My mind (and my hearth, especially my hearth) is still there…in London. Where I was supposed to be right now, walking down Oxford Street, taking pictures and going for shopping…mmm that’s not true, I’m not that kind of girl who spends her whole days there buying…


I just go to…uhm maybe Primark? Nooo NEVER 😉

Instead I left that lovely city on a sunny and warm day to come back here where it’s raining and the temperatures are so low. Yes, because in Italy the weather can be even worse sometimes, especially when Burian is coming 😉

But now stop talking about London, my god!

“It’ll always be there if you want to go” – what everybody is telling me in these days. And that’s true! Also because I didn’t tell you that the first contract will be about three months only, so if I don’t like the job I can always leave and go back to London or everywhere I want.

So I’ll try not to be so boring and annoying, I promise.

Since I’ll seriously head to the airport in a couple of week I guess, it’s now time to think about my luggage and what to bring: that’s why I opened again that article I had written when I was about to go to Asia, trying to complete it this time. You find the link here and if you like keeping on helping me by leaving a comment!

Now it’s time to give you a couple of clues about my next work destination:

  • I need my passport (this is actually like a double tip 😉 that means it’s NOT in Europe)
  • The temperature there is HOT
  • I should be very happy because it’s like a paradise

Now it’s your turn, have a guess!

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