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I’m back!

Hello guys!

Such a long time I haven’t been writing here!

I needed some time to think about my plans, my work…about my life.

After I came back from my amazing travel in Asia, I spent my time doing you know what? But traveling…of course! I really wanted to tell you all the wonderful thing I saw, the marvelous cities I visited and write some articles about all of that, but then I don’t know. I was in such a horrible period, I was sad&confused about my future, about what I really wanted to do and then I left. And I’ve been into the mountains, in Rome, Naples…no computer, no internet connection and then no blog posts. I simply needed some time to think and stay only with myself.

But now I’m back! Ready for my new life projects with a different attitude, more positive and stronger than before! Yes, because I finally understood certain things about me, my person and my past and my ideas are now clearer than ever.

And…I’m going back to London!

Yeah, I definitely decided to move back there since in the last weeks I realized that I really miss London and my London life.

This isn’t the only reason of course: the truth is that London offers great possibilities in terms of work and job opportunities that I really want to take the chance and go, instead of staying here doing nothing. I really really love my home town, but here the situation is so bad that finding a job, I mean a good one, is pretty impossible. So I’m happy and ready to leave for a new adventure quite different from the previous one. This time I won’t be Au Pair again, I want to find a proper job and try to be independent.

Next week I’m gonna go to London to find a room and then, in some weeks, I’ll definitely move there. Just the time to pack everything and do a couple of things at home.

I’m looking forward to be back in London, I’m so excited!

I promise that this time I won’t disappear 😉 see you soon guys!


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