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First steps in the AuPair world

Hi, I’m back here again!
Today I’d like to tell you something more about what I’d like to do on my blog: as I’ve already mentioned I’m gonna try to write articles in my own language, Italian,
but in English as well.

But while I’m writing more about my travels in my Italian section, I was thinking to dedicate the English section of my blog to tell you something more about my Aupair experience first and then I’ll also start writing about my adventures in English as well.
I’ll do this because I think it makes more sense: I mean, I’m in London, I’m here to improve the language and the other Aupairs here are supposed to be able to understand
what I’m writing here in English, even if they’re not from here, of course. So, why not?
I want to start from the beginning: the first time I thought to become an Aupair was during the summer 2013.
It was at the end of my first year at University. There I had realized that I wasn’t really improving the languages I was studying (English of course, German, French) because we didn’t have enough conversation time during the classes. I had really good results, but when I had to say something, to have a conversation, so when I had to speak I couldn’t find the words. And this was especially for the German language, my favorite one, but
also the hardest to learn.
So I had started to look for some info about language exchanges abroad on the Internet, but they were all quite expensive.
One day, by chance, I found a website giving some tips about how to experience the world without spending money for a house, food, bills, and I immediately started

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