AU PAIR,  English Version

English English…how important are you?

And that’s what happened! Three years later the perfect time to do this experience arrived.

It was the end of September 2016, exactly one year ago. Six months after my graduation day, after six months travelling around Europe.

Finding a job was really hard and I had spent the whole summer sending Cvs everywhere, but there was nothing to do. And I really really wanted to keep on travelling, at least for some more months.

As I hadn’t gone in Erasmus the year before because I had to work, I absolutely had to go abroad and have a similar experience.

So I created a new AuPairWorld account – because you have to know that if you don’t use your account for a long period of time they make it inactive – , with more details and a lot of pictures of me this time 😉

In a few days I had received so many requests!

You can choose five different countries where you’d like to find a family and I had choosen countries in which they speak German, Uk and Ireland.

My first choice was Germany, but after some weeks, during a job interview, I realized that English had the priority because you can speak all the languages of this world, German, French, Spanish, but if you don’t speak English…you know what I mean.

Of course I spoke English already, I had studied it at Secondary School and then at University, but I wasn’t happy about my level (and I’m not happy after one year as well ahah!).

I really wanted to improve it, so I preferred to go first in Uk and then maybe to Germany for a second experience, why not.

In the next article I’ll tell you how I found the perfect family for me and all the other reasons that pushed me to decide for Uk.

Bye! 😉

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