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    THE AMAZING SEYCHELLES ISLANDS Hundreds of miles from their nearest neighbours, the Republic of Seychelles, 115 islands scattered in the middle of the Indian Ocean, with glorious tropical forests, woodlands and unspoiled beaches, is an extraordinary archipelago is located between 4 and 10 degrees south of the Equator on the East Coast of Africa. It encompasses an area of 455.3 square kilometres and consists of 115 islands of legendary beauty, both granitic and coral, divided in 2 groups: the 43 ‘Inner Islands’ and the 72 ‘Outer Islands’. THE ISLANDS   The 43 ‘Inner Islands’ of granite formation centered around Mahé, the main island of Seychelles; Praslin, La Digue, Fregate, Curieuse,…

  • Snowy March
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    Welcome March!

    Is spring coming? Mmm maybe the snow! 1st March, Savona. Finished all my medical tests, translated the results into English and sent all the papers → ready to leave. I’m still waiting for that email, so no news for the moment. There’s only one thing that I know: I’m now happier than before. During the last week I’ve been tryingto leave my previous plans behind and see things from a different perspective. They say that if you see things in a negative way then everything is gonna be bad, so let’s try the opposite! EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE…

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    Latest updates

    23.02.2018, Savona, Italy Back home and seriously started thinking about my departure. Because as I told you I accepted that job so…I’m leaving. Yes, leaving. LEAVING!!! Ok, I’m still not so sure about it, but anyway…it’ll be an experience! We can’t know if positive or negative now, but it’ll be a life experince for sure. And I ‘ve always loved life experiences, so where’s the problem!? I can also write it on my CV, think that I had the chance to live in an amazing place for some months… While trying to convince myself that this is the right decision and to find all the possible good reasons to leave,…

  • London Underground
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    Life is so strange!

    Finally back in London Hey guys, I’m finally writing from the hall of my hostel in London! I’m so happy to be here again 🙂 I came yesterday evening after two days spent in Milan where I went to the BIT for the first time, an important tourism fair where I met a lot of other bloggers. It has been so funny! As I told you in my previous post, in these days I’ve been staying in this hostel because I was supposed to look for a room where to move to from the beginning of March. Instead… Instead, instead, instead…last week I got a phone call and then an…

  • Back to London
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    I’m back!

    Hello guys! Such a long time I haven’t been writing here! I needed some time to think about my plans, my work…about my life. After I came back from my amazing travel in Asia, I spent my time doing you know what? But traveling…of course! I really wanted to tell you all the wonderful thing I saw, the marvelous cities I visited and write some articles about all of that, but then I don’t know. I was in such a horrible period, I was sad&confused about my future, about what I really wanted to do and then I left. And I’ve been into the mountains, in Rome, Naples…no computer, no…

  • AU PAIR,  English Version

    Welcome to our family!

    About this time of the night, a year ago, today, I was leaving for what later turned out to be absolutely the most important experience of my life. I perfectly remember that morning when I was on the beach, in Albissola, my beloved home, eating my last focaccia (the tastiest food of my region, Liguria) before leaving, looking at the sea, for the last time in a while. And that evening, at Nice airport, when, just said goodbye to my mum and my friends and stopped crying, I was finally alone, sitting in front of the gate. Waiting. My flight was about one hour and half delayed. I was oddly…

  • Columbia Road Flowe Market
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    Columbia Road flower market: my favourite market in London

    A colourful Sunday morning in East London Sunday morning. East London, Columbia Road. There’s something in the air, something intense, vibrant. The street comes alive on Sunday, it’s like transformed into a heaven of colours, flowers and there’s a vivacious atmosphere: it’s the Columbia Road flower market! Everywhere you look you can see people carrying flowers and plants, hear the chant of the street artists, feel the scent of the flowers, the protagonists of this market. There are bulbs, bedding plants, herbs and an incredible range of cut flowers that you can buy for a few pounds. If you get there at 9 o’clock, it’s already crowded with shoppers. Traders…

  • AU PAIR,  English Version

    Proud of me!

    Great news: I passed the exam! It’s already three months that I came back home after my Au Pair experience in London, it’s really incredible how fast time flies. It seems to me yesterday that I was having dinner – the last dinner – with my host family and I was crying because I was leaving in some hours! I was about leaving my girls overall, so sad. It was July and now we’re in October, that’s crazy. And I haven’t been speaking in English for quite a long time already, so that’s why I decided that I have to start again. I always studied languages in my life, first…

  • AU PAIR,  English Version

    English English…how important are you?

    And that’s what happened! Three years later the perfect time to do this experience arrived. It was the end of September 2016, exactly one year ago. Six months after my graduation day, after six months travelling around Europe. Finding a job was really hard and I had spent the whole summer sending Cvs everywhere, but there was nothing to do. And I really really wanted to keep on travelling, at least for some more months. As I hadn’t gone in Erasmus the year before because I had to work, I absolutely had to go abroad and have a similar experience. So I created a new AuPairWorld account – because you…

  • AU PAIR,  English Version

    What is an “Au Pair”?

    My Aupairworld profile was really really basic. I didn’t have any pictures of me, only a few information, because I just wanted to browse to gain more knowledge about other Aupairs’ experiences, nevertheless several families wrote me. So I started chatting with a couple of families from Germany – because it’s in Germany that I wanted to go initially – and I had seriously begun thinking of doing this kind of experience for real. I mean, my classes at University ended on the last days of May, exams probably in the end of June that year, so basically I was free in July and August and then, in September I…

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