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A New Adventure!

Hello everyone! This post wants to be a kind of blog introduction, my blog, where I’ll tell you about my adventures as a lonely traveler around Europe.
So let’s start.
First I introduce myself: my name is Ylenia Venturi, I’m 24 years old, I’m Italian and above all… a traveler! And today with this blog a new adventure begins for me, a virtual one, a blog where I will tell you about my travels and my experience as Aupair in London!
Today I am very very determined. This morning I woke up with a fixed idea in my mind: today my blog opens. The moment has come.
My idea is to write posts both in Italian and in English even though my English is not perfect, but I’m sure you will understand. I’ll also use this blog as a writing exercise to improve my English, a language that I simply love!
At the moment I’m waiting for the bus stop at the end of my lunch break, but I absolutely wanted to write my first lines.

So now I have to run to work, but I’ll write a new post soon!

So…stay tuned! 😉


Ah! One last thing: please, if you see some really really wrong mistakes in my posts, correct me in the comments! I want to improve every single day. Thanks!

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